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JJH Servers by intelliStar Technologies

JJH Servers by intelliStar Technologies, Inc. is an internet services provider owned and operated by intelliStar Technologies, Inc., which was incorporated in 2016 in the State of North Carolina, United States, and is part of a long history of companies owned and operated by Jeffrey and Becky Johnston in the computer communications industry dating back to CompuNet Systems, Inc. in 1994.

We strive to provide fair, unprecedented service orientated customer experiences in the internet and computer communications field.  We have the motto “A Happy Customer is Our Contract”, and stand behind each and every client we service.  Our prices, though low, are not designed to be the lowest on the market, as we believe that to provide quality services we cannot afford to be the lowest, but rather the most economical for the services we provide.

Although we have gone through several name changes throughout the years, these name changes have been as a result of changes in our corporate structure and growth, and not as a result of going out of business or financial troubles.  Our board of directors consists of Jeffrey T. Johnston and Charlotte R. Johnston, and have been “weeded” down to the existing board due to our desire to offer a quality service as the bottom line, and not profit.

Jeffrey Johnston’s Bio
Jeffrey hails from the great State of Michigan, and started experimenting with computers since he was given his first true computer in 1981.  He has operated online bulletin board systems (BBS’s) since the early 1980’s.
He has attended Grand Rapids Community College, Forsyth Technical Community College, and Central Piedmont Community College’s, focusing on computer technologies, and minoring in medical technologies.  He has diploma’s in Computer Networking, Computer Infrastructures, Computer Programming with Majors in Microsoft and PHP Languages, and Computer Communications in the World Market.

Jeffrey met his wife, and co-director on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) in 1994, and they were married in 1997.  They have a son and daughter, both of whom are active in computers, and live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.  His primary responsibilities are the daily operations of intelliStar Technologies, Inc.  His interests include Linux and Windows Networking and Operating Systems, Programming, Music, Nature, Family, and any type of research and education.

Charlotte “Becky” Johnston’s Bio
Charlotte hails from the great State of South Carolina, and got her first computer in 1993, which she quickly learned the ins-and-outs of online communications.  She has a degree from the Medical University of South Carolina, and works in a large medical laboratory in the Charlotte area.  She has been in the medical field since 1989, and thoroughly enjoys her work helping people.  Her interests include smart devices, photography, family, and nature, music, and outside education when not working.

Her primary in responsibilities with intelliStar Technologies, Inc. include the business and financial end, and tends not to be involved in the daily operations of the company.


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