Reseller Plan - JJH Servers by intelliStar Technologies

Reseller Plan is here to make you money on performance!

Reseller plan is here to make you money based on your performance and customer retention.  As a reseller, you get a percentage off, plus a quarterly bonus for customer retention.  We want our resellers to not just sell, but to retain the customers they have through awesome customer service.  That is why the discount is only part of the deal, and a handsome bonus awaits each reseller that keeps customers happy and satisfied with their service.

We are always open to discussion of the deal, so don’t hesitate to ask if you think it is unfair!  We want the “A Happy Customer is Our Contract” saying to go beyond just sales to clients, but to our resellers too!

5 Clients

4% Discount plus quarterly bonuses.

10 Clients

6% Discount plus quarterly bonuses.

13 Clients

8% Discount plus quarterly bonuses.

15 Clients

10% Discount plus quarterly bonuses.

20 Clients

15% Discount plus quarterly bonuses.

25+ Clients

18%+ Discount plus quarterly bonuses.

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We accept payment through Credit Card, PayPal, Check, Coinbase Commerce or Wire Transfer. Wire Transfers have a $17.00 fee.

JJH Servers by intelliStar Technology - Reseller Plan