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45 Day Refund Policy

JJH Servers by intelliStar Technologies offers a 45 day refund policy on some of it’s products.  To be able to take advantage of this refund policy, the website can not have been hosted as a temporary site, such as an advertisement for limited time period products, must not have been a specialty host, such as internet radio station and a refund request and questionaire must be filed stating why the customer is seeking a refund and what we could do better to improve our services.

Customers are also limited to one refund, and may not re-apply as a customer to take another refund.  Refunds are handled in a timely fashion according to the payment method used, and overages for lost use or other items are not allowed.

Of course you can see other products from the menu at top of this page, our home page, or contacting us or eMail.

We accept payment through PayPal, Check, or Wire Transfer. Wire Transfers have a $17.00 fee.

JJH Servers by intelliStar Technology - Refund Policy