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Website Development by intelliStar Technologies

Website Development by intelliStar Technologies takes on a whole new meaning in custom website solutions with not only HTML and CSS, but Javascript, PHP, Perl, Visual Studio all at our disposal.  We will bring your website development into the 21st century!

We use Microsoft Visual Studio when appropriate for development.

We use the latest in CSS styles for your site, CSS3.


All HTML and Coding not done in Visual Studio is done in WeBuilder.

We use pure JavaScript in our pages where required.

Our use of MySQL Databases makes sure your site run reliably!

We use the latest HTML for all our web development projects.


For more advanced data processing we use PHP.

No matter if it’s a simple few pages with information, or a complex patient management system or eCommerce site, we have the know how to get the job done right the first time!

 Contact Jeffrey for more information at +01 704-626-2428 or

Of course you can see other products from the menu at top of this page, our home page, or contacting us or eMail.

We accept payment through Credit Card, PayPal, Check, Coinbase Commerce or Wire Transfer. Wire Transfers have a $17.00 fee.

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