Dedicated servers are the work horses of the server industry, with one thing on their minds, to keep mission critical data flowing for the customer.  JJH Servers Powerful Dedicated Servers offer Windows and Linux Operating Systems, housed in secure, climate controlled environments with a 1 Gbps data connection.

Our dedicated servers are designed to take the heat and stay on the fence through all storms, business related, or with malicious intent.  Features built in include 10 Gbps data protection, easy backup and upgrades, and un-managed use – allowing your to use it for what you want and not what your hosting provider dictates in their TOSA, and with a 99.9% Up-Time ratio, you’ll never be caught down in your end zone.

If you are in need of a solid performing server, dedicated to your business only, JJH Servers Powerful Dedicated Servers are the ticket.

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