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Memorial Gardens by JJH Servers on the Web offer a unique opportunity for your loved ones to see you each time they visit you graveside, as well as whenever in the car, at home, or remembering those time shopping or watching the ball game with their favorite relative.

By use of technology, your information will be stored on the Cloud, and accessed through direct entry of your address or photographing a “QR” chip that can be mounted on the back side of your headstone if you wish.  The actual QR Chip size is relative below, and is made out of brass to withstand the elements.

Memorial Page Example
QR Tag for Memorial Gardens

This is totally safe, as no personal information other than what is one your head stone and pictures will be store, can be taken down at any time by an authorized representative, and is stored on JJH Servers renowned Cloud Servers in state of the art facilities for the period of residency on the servers (Which can be 10, 20, or more years).

JJH Servers has been providing network services and support since 1994, and in the unlikely event the current servers shut down, has contingency plans to move to another facility.

You can take a look at two memorials at A.C.Sims and R.E.Johnston’s to get a basic idea of the limitless memorial ideas, or order yours today at Memorial Gardens Products.

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