Welcome to a New Way of doing business, with The Giving Back Campaign!

Please read the entire application for The Giving Back Campaign and fill out all information before submitting to avoid any delays,.

  • Military Honor Wall
  • First Responders Discounts
  • Suicide Survivors
  • Mentally Disabled Persons

Giving Back Campaign Application

The Giving Back Campaign
  • K12 in the Classroom
  • In Threat Abuse Survivors
  • Active Military Personal and Families
  • Home School Families
  • And more!

The Giving Back Campaign is an effort by JJH Servers to help those in need, and recognize those that have gone above and beyond the call of duty.  It offers discounts on servers, services, and products, as well as free use of various products.

For us, the Giving Back Campaign is a show of dedication to the community and those who support us.  We fully intend to offer as much services as allowed, but are limited in such that we cannot offer discounts and free services to all.

For this reason, this application will start the process of determining if the application is qualified to move on to the selection process.  Completion of this application, or meeting the criteria for the program does not mean inclusion into the program.

If you ever have any questions about your application, or would like more information before submitting an application, please use our Contact Us Form and we will gladly get back to you as soon as possible.

In the interim, consider filling out the registration to the clients area of the store to see what products you may be interested in, and how they would be useful in your quest!

Notice:  We do not discriminate against any federal discriminatory factor, but base our decision solely on the available resources, the number of participants, the services requested, and the merit each request shows in the opinion of JJH Servers by intelliStar Technologies, Inc.  In no case shall we be liable, neither criminally or civil for the acceptance, rejection, or discontinuation of products, services, or discounts.

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